Greta Leeson

Naturopathy & Nutrition

About Greta Leeson

Greta is a qualified Naturopath and nutritionist who is accredited with the NHAA. Greta’s focus as a practitioner is to discern the root cause of your concerns and work in conjunction with you to allow you to make autonomous, educated decisions regarding your own body and health. She understands that no one knows your body better than you do and aims to use her knowledge and expertise to help you understand the mechanisms behind your presenting picture, meaning you can be informed and involved in your care.

Her treatments are multifaceted and holistic, and are designed personally for your own unique needs. They may include dietary, lifestyle, nutritional, and herbal interventions to restore your body to balance and allow you to go from surviving to thriving. Her integrative approach allows her to work in conjunction with any other practitioners you may be seeing in order to provide truly holistic and multidimensional care.

Greta utilises a range of pathology and functional testing to ensure you have the most targeted care possible.
Greta’s areas of interest include chronic conditions, mental health, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and the microbiome, and hormonal health.

  • Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy (or BHSc Naturopathy),
  • Diploma of Dementia (Dip. Dementia)

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