Jade Anstey

Naturopathy & Nutrition

About Jade Anstey

Jade is a leading Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 15 years experience in the health and wellbeing industry. Jade’s passionate about individualised healthcare and helping clients understand how to create a ‘healthy’ balance, without compromising on the things they love.

Working closely with your health goals, Jade has a strong focus on supporting the body’s innate ability to find its equilibrium or ‘balance’. She loves helping clients apply simple strategies to nourish, nurture and support their bodies. Working in key areas of sugar control (diabetes, weight loss, energy production), together with the gut-brain connection (anxiety, stress, digestive disorders and the microbiombe) Jade believes the body has the ability to not only heal but also ultimately thrive in health.

Using evidence based natural medicine; Jade uses an integrated approach to health. She uses a range of pathology and functional medicine testing, together with DNA testing (our body’s own instruction manual) to ensure she is formulating the right treatment plan for you. She also utilises live blood analysis and bio-impedance analysis so you can visually see how your customised plan is improving your health on a cellular level.

Away from Pillar Health Jade has turned her love of herbal tea into a successful company, Balanced by Nature. Jade loves reading recipe books as though they were novels, chasing one (or all three) of her children around or proudly defending her title of “salad queen” amongst friends.

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Ad Dip Nutrition, Ad Dip Western Herbal medicine (Melbourne College of Natural medicine)

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