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About Julie Forrester

Julie has a BHSc in Naturopathy, is a member of ANTA (Aust. Natural Therapies Association) and is currently completing a Master of Advanced Naturopathic Medicine.

Warm and caring in nature, Julie spends time taking an in-depth case history to identify the root cause/contributing factors of your condition. She has (many) years of lived experience, both good and bad that provide understanding and compassion when viewing the whole person, not just the symptoms.

She enjoys the ‘detective’ work of Naturopathy, identifying where your body needs support, and what might be stopping it from doing what it does naturally …healing. Designing holistic, personalised treatment strategies while educating and empowering you to be successful, she will work collaboratively with you and your health care team.

Julie is relishing menopause and the freedom it provides, and is passionate about changing the narrative!

Using gentle, but powerful herbal medicine, iridology, lifestyle medicine, diet & nutrition strategies, custom compounded powders, and supplementation, Julie also makes her own custom formulated magnesium creams, to bring healing and support to the body.

Julie uses deep analysis (beyond the usual reference ranges) of your existing blood tests to identify trends and patterns for preventative strategies and optimising health. She uses a range of functional and pathology testing, such as microbiome, genetic, organic acids and hormone profiles, wherever it’s useful to help you feel great again!

Julie’s areas of particular interest are:

  • Digestive health, improving microbiome makeup and diversity
  • IBS, SIBO, IBD, celiac disease, diverticulitis, constipation & diarrhoea
  • Peri-menopause & Menopause
  • Allergies, histamine intolerance, eczema, asthma and skin conditions
  • Immune health and chronic autoimmune conditions
  • Long COVID (post-COVID sequelae) & Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Type 1 diabetes management, Type 2 diabetes /metabolic syndrome
  • Julie is currently completing a Master of Advanced Naturopathic Medicine.

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