Mietta Jolicoeur

Pilates Instructor

About Mietta Jolicoeur

Our pilates instructor Mietta is here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Having qualified through the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) and Unite health, she is passionate about empowering people through movement.

Here at Pillar Health Mietta will work with you to achieve your fitness goals, whether it be touching your toes or full body strengthening, she can coach you through classes tailored to your needs and abilities.

Mietta is completing her studies in Osteopathy, which deepens her understanding of human physiology and compliments her pilates practise.

When she’s not teaching pilates or studying for university, you find Mietta hiking up mountains, swimming in the ocean or drinking coffee.

  • APPI and Unite Health clinical pilates instructor
  • Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science – Osteopathy (in progress)

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