Pillar Health is now an Award Winning Clinic

Pillar Health are proud to announce that we have been Awarded bronze in the Asia – Pacific Stevie Awards for Excellence in Innovation in Health Care Industries.

Come on a journey with us and learn more Pillar Health

Pillar Health is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary health clinic comprising podiatry, physiotherapy, nutrition, clinical exercise and more. Our background is podiatry, having launched Foot Centre Group in 2016 and growing it to three Melbourne locations by 2019.

In an Australian first, we saw an opportunity to launch a podiatry-led, multi-disciplinary clinic which would include podiatry via Foot Centre Group, along with other aligned disciplines. We launched Pillar Health in the Melbourne suburb of Malvern East in November 2020. When a client sees a podiatrist about foot pain, they may require related care such as physiotherapy or exercise such as pilates to strengthen the feet. However, it’s rare that multiple practitioners from different disciplines would come together to assess and effectively communicate the client’s foot issues and how they may relate to other issues simultaneously. This can create inconsistency in care where the client is being recommended different things by different practitioners. For example, a physiotherapist may suggest a client is wearing the wrong shoes for their hips, however the shoes may be required to address a problem with the feet. At Pillar Health, various practitioners from different disciplines are able to collaborate upfront so they can recommend care that addresses the entire body effectively.

We knew launching in the middle of a pandemic was risky, however we were passionate about the multi-disciplinary model and could see enormous potential. Now, in just two months Pillar Health has seen strong growth. Off the back of strong demand so early in the piece we have already set our sights on expanding our offering to include osteopathy, specialist surgeons and sports medicine in 2021. The multi-disciplinary approach creates multiple cross referral pathways while giving us a competitive advantage. We’re already seeing 36% of clients being cross referred to other services within the clinic.

We pride ourselves on our high performance, values-based culture, where we’re known as an employer of choice. We attract the very best talent through our thorough recruitment and onboarding process and are able to retain that talent through training, professional development and mentoring. We help practitioners accelerate their career progression, through taking on more responsibility, quickening their trajectory to higher remuneration and more flexibility. We prioritise living by our values of “work together, grow together and seek to understand”.

Each week we recognise the team members who are living by those values, as voted in by their colleagues. This keeps everyone engaged with our values everyday. We use platforms like Slack to communicate and collaborate including celebrating wins and recognising our team members. We’ve increased our investment in marketing significantly in the last year.

We now have a marketing team across Pillar Health and Foot Centre Group with a designated budget. Our marketing includes Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram advertising, referral cards, networking and awards. We’ve invested in technology so that our practitioners have access to dashboards with information on rebookings, client outcomes, word of mouth referrals etc. This gives every practitioner a sense of acknowledgement, ownership and accountability. We have developed a checklist to provide an exceptional and consistent new client experience. As a result of these measures have an exceptional average Net promoter score of 9.5.