NDIS Functional Capacity Assessments

Looking for NDIS Functional Capacity Assessments in Malvern East?

Pillar Health conducts person centred and comprehensive NDIS Functional Capacity Assessment services. These are provided by a Physiotherapist at the request of the participant, family member, support coordinator or other involved party.

Who can benefit from our Functional Capacity Assessments?
Our NDIS Functional Capacity assessments can benefit anyone with a neurological, musculoskeletal or age related condition who is seeking further support or funding from the NDIS.

We have experience working with a diverse range of populations and we tailor our assessments to each individual depending on their needs and circumstances. Our aim is to help you to reach your goals by compiling a thorough and comprehensive representation of your current functional capacity, goals and NDIS support needs in the form of a report.

A Functional Capacity Assessment from us can help:

  • Inform planning decisions for your first NDIS plan
  • Provide evidence to the NDIS if there has been a change in your condition or circumstances and hence your support requirements
  • Support you with your new or updated NDIS plan

What happens during a Functional Capacity Assessment?
In your initial assessment your Physiotherapist will:

  • Ask you questions relating to your function, mobility, cognition, communication, psycho-social skills, self management and any other relevant domains
  • Assess your home environment
  • Help you to develop long and short term goals relating to your function
  • Observe you completing various functional tasks in your home
  • Complete assessments relating to your mobility, strength and daily activities
  • Perform standardised assessments to help inform the NDIS of your support requirements

What does a Functional Capacity Assessment report include?
After your assessment your Physiotherapist will compile a thorough and comprehensive report that includes details about:

  • A detailed summary of your occupational, lifestyle and functional capacity and limitations
  • Extensive and detailed recommendations to the NDIS regarding which support interventions we believe you require to improve your independence and reach your goals (including care or assistance, activity modifications, assistive technology, equipment, rehabilitation and environmental modifications). We will also provide the NDIS with evidence to justify why such supports have been recommended.

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