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Online Telehealth Consultations

Your health is your wealth. Our practitioners can help with an online video consultation.

Access Health Experts With Telehealth (Online) Technology

Accessing essential health services is not always convenient or possible, which is why Pillar Health proudly offers online sessions to all of our clients, both in Melbourne and around Australia.

Online consultations are an effective way to meet with an expert practitioner from the comfort of your own home. Experts are at hand to help you to get clarity on injury management, get you out of pain, and create a plan to get you back to what you love doing as fast as possible.

Our online services include:
Clinical Exercise
Naturopathy & Nutrition

Online physiotherapy consults are ideal for people who:
Would like to save time, avoid dealing with traffic and have the convenience of consulting with a health professional in their own home or unable to attend the clinic location due to extenuating circumstances

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